when we began to photograph people and their pets we had both been changed by the animals who had come into our lives. time and again, we have witnessed the healing power of the bonds between animals and their humans. our goal at pet poses is to witness and illuminate the love you feel with your special friend.

our studio is located in san francisco. we shoot digital color and/or black & white. in studio or on location, portrait sessions start at $250. currently, we are offering 25% off our fee. each session includes a proof cd with edited images. pet poses owns the rights to all images. you can order prints at any time.

suzanne london spent twenty-five years in nonprofit management. suzanne's creativity, strong business skills and love of animals sparked the idea for pet poses. she currently lives in san francisco with her partner and three dogs. teresa kennett was a jeweler and has been a photographer for many years. she lives in san francisco and currently works with organizations, book publishers, writers and performers as well as photographing people and their pets.